Placenta Encapsulation Perth

Health and Safety

Training in blood borne virus’ and the handling of human tissue

Made 4 Mum ensures that all health and safety measurers are in accordance with all relevant AU Standards. Training in blood borne virus’ and the handling of human tissue is addressed in accordance with health certification.

Learn about health & safety of Placenta Encapsulation

Safety First

Health & Safety

Only one placenta with be encapsulated at a time and all equipment cleaned thoroughly before the next encapsulation begins. This will include the use of hospital grade disinfection and sanitising processes and materials. Each placenta is labelled from start to finish to avoid any possibility of a mix up.

How It Works

We make the process as easy for you as possible

• Your order is placed after having a conversation with the business lady herself
• Your placenta Storage Cooler will be delivered to your home address usually between 36 and 38 weeks of pregnancy
• Your bundle of joy arrives and we come to collect your placenta from any metro hospital, birthing centre or your home address
• The encapsulating process (below) is completed
• Your placenta encapsulated pills are returned to you within 24-48 hours so you get the benefits as soon as you can


Step 1: Cleaning

Your placenta will be cleaned, rinsed and any excess blood removed

Step 2: Steaming

The placenta is steamed at high temperatures to kill any harmful bacteria

Step 3: Drying

The placenta is then dehydrated for up to 12 hours

Step 4: Crushing

The dehydrated placenta is powderised and prepared for encapsulation

Step 5: Placenta Encapsulation

The powdered placenta is placed into the capsules and bottled ready for packing

Step 6: Delivery

Your placenta encapsulated pills are hand delivered to you