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We're a family run business of nurses and midwives

Made 4 Mum is a family run business with a Registered Nurse/Midwife with over 10 years of experience at the helm. Our desire to help and empower women in the post-partum period has led us in the direction of the encapsulation process. The encapsulation of all the benefits held within the placenta is of the utmost importance in the post-partum period for mum. It is one of the most special times of her life and what better than the natural way to help everything along.

Get to know Katherine Clarke: Founder of Made 4 Mum's

Katherine Clarke

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist


My name is Katherine. I was born bred and raised in Zimbabwe and just over 20 years ago was given a scholarship to start my studies in nursing in England and left what had been my home for a long time before that. Starting over in a new country, that was very different to what I was used to, had its moments and unfortunately my studies ended but my desire to move forward most certainly did not. I decided that whilst being in a child carer environment, I should study Psychology to help me get a better understanding of where I was heading. After getting my degree in psychology, I stayed within childcare teaching childhood educators how to best facilitate their staff and management on how to run their businesses safely, effectively and all with the interests of every child in mind.

Then my first born came along and sure kept us busy. I realised that I didn’t feel as I thought I should. But I persevered and my husband I decided that we wanted to have the best for our child and future children and bring them up in the same outdoor lifestyle that we ourselves were bought up in. So, we applied to immigrate to Australia.

After arriving in Australia heavily pregnant, we bought our own place and had our second child at home a couple of months later. What a difference to the first! I then ran a family day care from home for nearly 5 years and although it was challenging it was very rewarding. I realised then that it was time to fulfil my dream job and return to my studies to become a midwife. I started my studies again and became a Registered Nurse, followed by a Registered Midwife. Just to add a bit of excitement into the mix I had my third and final child in the mean time.
Qualified for coming on to 11 years now, and having seen many many many new mums and bubs, my focus has returned to the natural benefits of childbirth and the challenges mums face afterward. It’s a tough job but my experiences told me I can help further.

Just about every other mammal on earth uses everything from the birth (including the placenta) to recharge, revitalise and move forward naturally. As modern times go, some of the natural beauty of birthing is lost in the unknown and squeamish preconceptions of what is actually good for you. How do we make this simple? Turn it from something “unsightly” to something so easy and more modern. Just about anyone can take a tablet, and these ones are made by you for you! (With a little help from me!) It has been noted that the benefits with the placenta will aid not only in Milk production for your new bub, but also aid in preventing post-natal depression and recharging your body with some of what it has lost during pregnancy and the birthing process.

After having been a midwife for so long and my understanding of the psychology of post-natal depression, putting one and one together and coming up with Made4Mum is the most exciting chapter of my life that I am looking forward to.

Thanks for visiting and hope to speak to you soon.

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